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Strengthen your Muscles with Soy!!

Soy protein is considered as a complete protein which provides all the essential amino acids to the body. The major source of this protein is the soya beans. If you don’t feel like having dairy products, then soy proteins would be a great alternative to build body mass. Apart from helping in growth of muscle mass, this protein also helps to strengthen our immune system. If you are planning to buy soy protein online India, you are just at the right place.

Best Soy Protein India

Benefits of Soy Protein:

  • Soy protein supplements ensure that our body receives a complete set of essential amino acids.
  • Cholesterol content in our body is reduced, which enhances the functioning of heart. So, intake of soy protein means that you are lowering the risk of heart diseases.
  • It helps us to fight against diseases like colon and prostate cancer.
  • Athletes prefer soy proteins as they help in speedy recovery of muscle loss. It also makes muscles stronger and longer.
  • Whey protein digests quickly, whereas soy protein takes a little longer time to get digested. When you have a mix of these two proteins, you can achieve prolonged release of amino acids.
  • One of the top reasons for the huge sales of soy protein supplements is its affordable price. In comparison to many other supplements, they have proved to be relatively cheaper.
  • It is a highly recommended supplement for women. It reduces the chances of breast cancer and improves bone health in women.

When to Take Soy Protein:

  • Before work out: It is suggested to take soy protein supplement before 30 minutes to workout. By doing so, you achieve lost energy and rebuild your muscles. You tend to lose muscle when you do some physical work. This protein is a major source of amino acids, which increases blood flow to the muscles.
  • After workout: On completion of your workout, your body undergoes anabolic window stage. Intake of soy protein in this condition can supply amino acids in the body, which repair and develop the muscles.
  • Other times: You can also have this supplement at your comfortable times. They increase the blood flow in your body and boost the metabolic activities. Another added advantage of soy proteins is that they tend to reduce the body weight.

Determine the required intake of the protein by considering your diet habits and physical work. Mix the powder with water or fruit juice.

You have to be a little cautious in this regard. People suffering from thyroid problems shouldn’t use soy supplements. It is also found that these proteins don’t yield satisfactory results with men in a few instances.

Types of Soy Protein:

  • Soy protein concentrate: It is the leftover of the protein source after de-fatting process. On completion of this process, we can’t find any traces of moisture on it. There is as much as 65% of the protein content by weight in this type. The rest is carbohydrates.
  • Soy protein isolate: The major source of soy protein isolate is the de-fatted beans. The protein sources are refined to get 99% protein content in it. This protein is considered as the most pure and refined type ever. Carbohydrates are removed almost completely from them.
  • Textured soy protein: Chicken, pork and steak form the major sources of this soy protein.

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