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Soy Protein Isolate – A wonderful Alternative to Soy Protein

It is true that soy protein is said to have developed a bad image for men, who are looking for supplements to build their body. Few men are of the belief that taking this supplement may cause them to have hormonal imbalance.  What one has to understand is that a substance can prove to be a remedy, only if taken appropriately, however, it could turn into a toxin if taken excessively. Similar thing could apply to soybean. But this protein type could be a way towards supplying some crucial nutrients that only can be derived from soybean.

soy protein isolate bodybuilding

Harmful effects of soybean

Naturally, soybean is known to have few toxic substances in it, which could possibly affect badly the metabolism if consumed for longer time period. Few substances are phytic acid (could inhibit absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and copper), trypsin inhibitors (inhibits absorption of protein) and goitrogens (could cause potential thyroid cancer).

Consuming the right way

Irrespective of the fact, when the human body gets deprived of substances, effects might not be that good. Hence, health experts suggest that people consume this type of supplement appropriately. The best way to be healthy and have a great body to boast of is to have plenty of variety to the meals that is had regularly. Furthermore, fermenting or cooking soybean could detoxify it. An example of the fermented delicious soybean product that originates in Indonesia is Tempeh.

Researches and findings

Many men tend to worry about the soybean’s phytoestrogen amount. Studies conducted on Rhesus monkeys have concluded that significant effects are not witnessed on the reproduction system with using of soy protein. Also, no difference is noticed in the hormone levels between money groups that consumed it, containing phytoestrogen, while the other group that consumed protein having removed this element. The other measured parameters are Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS), testosterone levels, testicle mass, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and prostate mass.

Hence, a wonderful safe alternative has been termed to be soy protein isolate bodybuilding, since it decreases drastically the toxin amount present in it and enriched with methionine that enhances its protein quality (biological value).

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